oohEmbed is now part of the Embedly Family

Get more out of oohEmbed with Embedly

On June 22nd 2011 Embedly purchased the domain oohembed.com from Deepak Sarda. What started as a small open source project grew over the last 3 years and gained a ridiculous amount of traffic. We are happy to invite all oohEmbed users to the Embedly platform!

Benefits to Switching
  • Over 200+ providers
  • Support for any url
  • Analytics
  • Malware and Phishing site detection
Get Started

To get started using Embedly you should sign up for a free API key. Once you have an API key you can continue making requests as before.

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Updating your code is really easy

Embedly works the same way oohEmbed did. Once you have your Embedly key, all you need to do is change the URL your current code is pointing to.

Old Code

Currently, calls made to oohembed.com look like:

New Code

Update the URL you're requesting data from to:


Don't forget to change your_embedly_key to the key you received on sign up.

That's it

All your existing implementations will continue to work. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at support@embed.ly.